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Diets Don’t Work: How To Effectively Lose Body Fat

Up to now I’ve only covered the reasons why dieting fails so many people looking to lose body fat. It’s now time to discuss the ways in which you can lose body fat safely and effectively and keep it that … Continue reading

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Diets Don’t Work: Yo-Yo Dieting

Yo-yo dieting, a phrase coined by obesity experts, refers to a period where weight-loss occurs due to an extreme reduction to calories and a subsequent period when the weight is put back on. Yo-yo dieting is a massive problem, not … Continue reading

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Diets Don’t Work: The Science Behind The Failure

Dieting is an issue that affects millions of people worldwide. In fact I bet there’s not one person reading this that doesn’t know somebody who’s currently on a diet or has been on one in the past. I can also … Continue reading

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