Win 2 Free Tickets to the London 2012 Olympics

Are you interested in winning 2 FREE TICKETS to the London 2012 Mens Volleyball Rounds on July 29th? If so then there is a very easy way to get entered into a free prize draw, and win.

As a promotion for their new product, Intact Endurance, will enter every customer that purchases the product into a free prize draw to win the 2 free tickets.   Intact endurance is a new product that is set to take the endurance sport world by storm. Boasting efficient electrolyte replacement, improved muscle recovery, and increased sporting performance, Intact Endurance appeals to many triathletes, runners, cyclists and swimmers. The product retails for only £16.95 and has already received some rather complimentary reviews.

What Intact Endurance Offers;

  • Maximising your performance during intense physical activity
  • Effectively re-hydrates and replace your body with lost electrolytes
  • Increases your body’s natural energy
  • Improve pH balance in your body
  • Reduces Cramping and Fatigue
  • Anti-oxidant properties
  • Allergen and Gluten Free

If you’re interested in the product, and/or winning the free tickets then follow the link below to the site to find out more details, terms, and conditions. Good luck, and I hope you get on well with Intact!

Intact Endurance: (there are some T&C’s so do read through)

GBNutrition Facebook:

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